Our objective is to help our members with our knowledge in Malaysia stock market. Most of our members are happy with our trading method and strategies are useful in the real market.


“It’s simple and easy to master and most importance is you will start to make money while you’re still learning. Thank you Round & Surge.”

Ong S. Foo

“Using a very unique approach to trade in the market, and most importantly it make profits!”

Tan W. Chuang

“Explanation by speaker very clear and easy to understand and apply it into the real market.”

Chia K. Hoong

“Systematic & easy to understand/follow. Shared many example.”

Liew N. Yun

“Good, suitable for intraday and contra trader”

Tan L.Hein

“Effective and lively delivery, simple, colourful charts, clear explanation of concepts with actual situations on charts, generous sharing of strategies that are useful and not available in the books or elsewhere.”

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