Round & Surge Promo Contra Trading Online Course Terms and Conditions

  • You are accepting Round & Surge (R&S) service “Round & Surge Contra Trading Online Course” which you are entitle for the full course:
    • 4 classes
    • 2 classes per week
    • 2 hours per class, all classes will be conducted in the evening.
    • 1 time free resit. Every subsequent resit, members will be charge RM 100 per course.
    • You are recommended to attend the full course in sequence.
    • 3 months membership includes :
      • Weekly discussion session (Discuss on strategies to apply for upcoming trading days.)
  • FREE : Stock Screening Indicator Setup.
  • Round & Surge provide education training only. Round & Surge are not responsible for any faulty or services provided by other company.
  • The course is calculated by the number of time you attended. Example, you attended class 1 for 1 time. The next time you attend class 1 again is consider as resit.
  • The payment is entitle for “Round & Surge Contra Trading Online Course” only.
  • R&S has the right to change the training date if there are unforeseen circumstances occur.
  • All payment are not refundable.
  • Membership not transferable to other party.
  • All material used during the course or any online session presented by Round & Surge (also known as R&S here) are for educational purpose only.
  • Sharing by R&S or the employee of R&S are based on our point of view. It is not an offer to buy or sell in the stock market. Attendees or viewer are responsible to perform their own analysis before they commit into a trade.
  • Attendees is responsible for their trading decision. R&S will not liable on any losses incur during trading in the stock market which is executed by the attendees.
  • All strategies shared by R&S does not guarantee return. The outcome may be vary depending on many factors including different market situation.
  • Attendees should aware of there is no certain or definite strategies that guarantee return in the stock market.
  • In any circumstances, R&S found out members are sharing an account. Services from R&S to his or her will be terminated and absolutely not refundable.
  • We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at anytime, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this Terms and Conditions Agreement.

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