About Us

At Round & Surge, we are proud to present to everyone, the Operator Analysis.

Operator Analysis is neither fundamental analysis nor technical analysis that are commonly known in the market. Operator Analysis focus on analysing the price & volume to track the operator intentions in individual stock and look into the short term trading opportunities where we can ride with the operator movement. 

“True traders react to the market.” is the backbone of our trading method. Our findings and strategies are develop through years of trading experience and observing the operating style in KLSE. 

All the findings, testings, failures through out all these years have made us who we are today and we are always grateful. Therefore, we are hoping to contribute to the community by sharing the knowledge we have gained to as many people as possible.



Kelvin Yap

Graduating from RMIT Australia, Melbourne, bachelor in Economic & Finance. With 12 years of trading in the financial market and set off his career with CIMB then to a Hong Kong IPO consultancy company to run Malaysia office, by dealing with clients around Southeast Asia to get listing services to US NASDAQ & NYSE. 

With the entrepreneurship spirit developed since young, he started various businesses and also founded Round & Surge since 2014, an online education company providing training courses with his self-learned trading and investment analysis (Operator Analysis) in how to track the big boys intention by looking at their daily transaction data. 

With the knowledge and experience in tracking the intention of the big boys in the stock market, he is also a content creator in YouTube channel to share out some of the danger stocks in the market to help retail traders and investors avoid getting trapped.