Weekly Market Prep : Plan your trades ahead [030722]


We will be analyzing the transaction pattern of the top active list from the last trading day’s to understand the big boys intention of the coming week's overall market trend. By knowing the transaction pattern of the overall market big boys from the last trading days, we can roughly understand what they are preparing for the coming week. Whether the market is sideways, bullish, or most big boys are going to throw their shares out in the market, we can change our trading method, strategies, or even the trading plans before it happens. 

Disclaimer : 

The opinions in this blog are based on the available data in the market & analyze with our own analysis on the stocks’ prices & volumes transaction pattern to understand the overall market trend. The opinions here shall not be treated as an offer, invitation or solicitation to buy or sell any securities. Round & Surge (R&S) & its associates does not warrant, represent and/or guarantee the accuracy of any opinions and information herein. R&S will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a viewer’s reliance on information from the blog. 


Last Week Stocks’ Movements

Gainers in Top Active Stocks :

Majority of the gainers in the top active stocks are showing signs of successfully attracting buyers to queue at the lower price for entry. Which means, the big boys might start to sell their shares lower in the coming weeks. 

High volume sell down at high price, indicates selling to investors parking orders at low.


High Volume with limited price upwards, indicating attracting buyers with false buy up transactions.

Traders & investors shall trade with care by not being attracted into stocks that creates “Fear-Of-Missing-Out '' price markup action. 


Losers in Top Active Stocks :

The stocks on the losers side are showing signs of demand coming into some stocks. Which might indicate a 1 day rebound in the coming week. However, demand flowing into the stocks doesn’t mean the trend will immediately shift to an uptrend. Therefore, it is not an indication of a market rebound yet. If any traders are familiar or know how to day trade, it will be a good chance to look for a day trade. 

Volume up with limited price downwards, demand to support the price.



Overall Stock Price movement from last week :


Majority of the stocks are having some markup, but it is not showing signs of a rebound type of price markup. There are prices up in the market due to the selling pressure being dried out, with a small demand can easily trigger a price up. That’s why you will find stocks traded last week will have price movement of “1 day up, few days down”. This also shows us the sign of the big boys are not coming back into the market yet. 


Prep for next trading week

Even though there are stocks showing bear signs, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any trading opportunity in the market. It is what kind of trading method we are going to apply in this kind of market trend. 

Usually we will apply intraday to short term trade (not more than a month) & avoid mid-term or long term entry in this kind of market. This is to reduce the risk of the market continuing to fall with more selling pressure coming in. Going short term trade can allow us to move in & out of the market with lesser overnight risk like what we have done during April. 

(link about our April trade here : https://www.roundnsurge.com/news/we-sold-all-our-holdings-before-the-market-crash )

Our trading plan for next week will continue to look for stocks that show demand coming in during the low of the day for 1 day trade or intraday trade. If you know how to time the entry & exit for short term trade, you may look into this. If you don’t know how to look for this kind of stock, stay away from the market. 


Learn how to trade with big boys transaction data

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