The history of BTC surge after halving

BTC halved last Friday without significant jump in price like the past 3 halving. Although many investors are looking forward with a bullish gains after halving. But based on historical halving events, BTC price was not directly boosted by halving. It is more of market expectation & monetary policy changes.


2021 was due to funds flooding in the financial market from central banks to save the economy during pandemic. ( Also some social media influenced the crypto market such as dodge coin)

2017 BTC rise COULD be China tightening on fund outflow to oversea. Causing Chinese to shift their fund transfer into BTC as it is difficult to trace the transaction. Meanwhile in the late 2017, BTC futures contract was approved & tradable on CBOE boosted the BTC to peak in the late 2017.

We know very little about BTC during 2013, so we can't comment much about it.

Is it too late to allocate some of our investment into BTC/ crypto?

We do see things are changing in the financial market, even monetary policies where we always thought interest rate will only go down (Japan proves us wrong). We never know how BTC will turn into, whether it will stabilized & really become a form of payment for everyone? OR it could be some kind of "in-game" token for special items purchases.

Personally think BTC can be part of your investment, but not heavily invest into it. Due to we can't foresee the future. But 1 thing is true about BTC, is the demand of it is there. Unlike Tulips Mania or Agar woods, BTC is digital asset where it could last forever as long as there are demand. While we still see demand from the "Earth surface" as a speculative investment tools to park their funds when there are nothing in the financial market they can invest into (such as the establishment of ETF). & not to forget those demand that are "beneath the earth".

While many countries are trying to control this cryptocurrency due to large demand & taxation purposes. Recent approval of BTC ETF shows that the US found a way to control it by holding more BTC in hand. With limited supplies of BTC, it is easy to influence the price by holding a certain amount in hand. Limiting the supplies in the market while demand maintained could push the price up.

Although BTC outlook seems towards positive side, we need to be caution on the entry & exit timing also. So do your own research & study thoroughly before committing.