Signs That Your Stock In KLSE Is Game Over


Most of us will blame the market for our investment losses. However, sometimes the cause of our losses in the stock market is that the analysis that we apply for our investment is not helping us to get notified before the market crash.

The market is not always uncertain, we can foresee a market crash by analysing the big boys' transactions in the stock market. They are the ones that move the price in KLCI or any other market. If you don’t want the money-losing cycle to repeat again, we need to know how big boys operate & find out the transaction pattern that will cause the price down or up. 


The Game Master
Big boys' operating style is to buy low & sell high (at least in KLSE), but they never hold their shares & dispose at the top. Because they hold many shares in hand & there won’t be enough buyers to absorb their shares at the high price. The whole operation is to sell the majority shareholding on the way up & dump the remaining shares into the market with a gradual price fall.


Their operating style is to accumulate shares at the bottom where retail investors will never look at these stocks due to inactive trading. Then they will mark the price up to attract buyers in by creating confidence to invest, such as actively traded volume, price up, & with good news or reports. 



They will monitor the investors' buy orders flow every time they mark the price higher & sell their shares down to the investors who park their buy orders at the lower price. That’s the reason why you will see price retracement in uptrending stocks. The common way of taking profit is to sell the majority of their holdings on the way up. 



The stock price will peak when they sell the majority of their shares to retail investors. This is when you see the stock price move up aggressively without any retrace. When you see stocks trading in this manner, it is the time you need to get ready for a take profit before they stop maintaining the price at the high side & distribute their remaining shares to lower price gradually. This is when many of us get trapped in the stock falling & hope it will move back to the previous high for profit or breakeven.


Game Over signal before it happens

You don’t need to know the name of a candlestick, chart pattern, or indicator to tell you the trend is reversing. The signal will appear way ahead of the above indication from the traditional technical analysis.

Here’s a simple way for you to identify whether the stock price is going to reach its peak & take profit before the big boys throw the remaining shares down. Look at the price retrace!

As mentioned above, big boys will cause the price to retrace when they are still holding many shares in hand. Because they sell a large number of shares each time, that’s why it will cause the price to have a short-term fall.


It means that they still have the intention to mark the price higher to sell the majority of the shareholding as long as there is a retracement in price. But when you start to notice the stock price doesn’t fall but moves up gradually every day. This means that the big boys have very few remaining shares in hand, the shares they sell at this price level are not causing a price fall. 

Example: Total shares holding is 1 million units, big boys will sell 80% of their shares on the way up, 800k units. Based on the above chart, there are X short-term retracements in the uptrend. Which means they are selling XXX units of shares each time.

When they left 20% of the shares in hand which equals 200k units & the total holding in hand now is equal to the single selling in the uptrend.

The big boys will just need to pump the price up every morning & dump a fraction of shares to buyers at the lower price. Big boys will then let the price fall gradually (enter into a downtrend) when the cost to maintain the share price is higher than the value of the shareholding.

Now that you know how to spot the peak of the price, it will be much easier for us to convince you to take profit at the higher price. Rather than waiting for the technical bear signals & the losses are too huge to click the “SELL” button when there is a technical confirmation.

The losses have already been made, it will be more difficult for you to cut the losses now. Let’s learn from our previous mistakes & improve our investment analysis by following the big boys’ steps. The losses you are having right now are small compared to the potential profit that you will gain after you know how to read the KLSE big boys. 

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