What is operator in the stock market?

The stock market in Malaysia has changed, or I should say it hasn’t change much.

To be a smart traders or investors, it is not about how good the stocks is or how strong is the resistance breakout. Is about what is the operator doing right now? Are they going to push the stock price up or distribute it to the retailers.

Operator are a person/ group who take advantage of small investors and traders for their own monetary gain.

Operator is a person/ group who drives the market price at their own benefits.

Most of the time they acquire a sum of shares in the company and through media, rumours, and other communication mechanism to create a mass interest in the shares.

Subsequently once the retail investors or traders believes in that stock’s future performance, operator will starts to sell their shares at a high price to gain a very handsome profit from the small investors and traders.


Why follow operator in the stock market?

Financial news, rumours, technical breakout, technical rebound. = information released by them to gain your trust and confident to buy their stocks, so they can distribute and make profits from you.


Is it dangerous to follow them?

If you read a lot from the internet or articles, most of them are asking investors to stay away from operator’s stocks, because is dangerous. That happens, if you don’t understand them. For example, like firing your stove, many people who have never enter into a kitchen before they will be afraid of it. They will always think, will the stove explode if I do it wrong? But when you know how, you can fire it up easily.

Furthermore, if the analysis are control by them, is it safer to follow? The answer is no.

Your objective and their objective are the same now. They want to make money from the stock market, and now you are the same but the difference is you are riding with the big boys, trading and investing in the same direction. Instead of against their direction.

That is the reason why you follow the report and articles or the famous investors in the market. But we know that they are using this for their advantage.

So which one is more dangerous now? There are nothing you can rely on now.


How to start following Operator?

Look into price & volume. Every transaction they made are recorded as buy sell like everyone of us. Their transaction pattern are the key to identify their intention.

Ditch the widely know method. Many method and data in the market are well known by everyone even the operator. these are the tools for them to attract you to come into their stocks. For examples, many investors or traders will check the total buy rate(percentage) to gauge the total buyer in the market. If the buy rate is higher than sell rate, normal traders/ investors will take it as bullish. In FACT, is not like this all the time. What you see is what operator wants YOU to see. If normal traders think buy rate more than sell rate is indicating bullish, when operator wants to distribute or take profit, they will create exactly buy rate higher by continuously buying small amount of share from themselves at the same price level. This method we call them “Changing Hand”, changing shares from right hand to left, then change from left to right again from the same group.

Our objective is to make money and not losing our hard earn money in the stock market. Is time for you to be the one of the first in the market to master this and keep you money safe and let your profit roll.


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