Losing Confident in Your Investment? Solved

Have you ever felt that the more you trade, the more you feel lost? It seems like you get it at first, then the number of losses incurred later and start to question, why your strategy is not working anymore?


Until a point, you feel like giving up on investing in the stock market. Seems like all the strategy or analysis you’ve learned is not helping you to achieve your initial goal of making profits in the stock market as a secondary income.


If this is what you feel right now, don’t give up yet. Because we have something to show you that is more reliable than the analysis that you have learned before this. Once you know about this, you will know when & which stocks will be marked up by the big boys and the traditional analysis that is commonly used in the stock market is not capable of doing it.


The #1 lesson to follow the big boys: never use our ears to choose stocks

Every investor knows the stock market is the big boys' game. Many investors hope that the big boys will tell them which stocks they are operating & they could follow them in. However, the big boys will not share this information with anyone, especially during the accumulation stage. It is because the big boys are trying to acquire a significant amount of shares at the low & sell them on the way up.


If the information is leaked, everyone will be going in & taking profit at the same time as the big boys. Which will reduce the profit they could’ve made. Therefore, we will not get this information & if we get it, it is usually the time they want us to know. So that they can make a profit by selling the shares to us. Rumours or news in the financial market is there because they want us to be aware of it.


If you have heard or tried entering into a stock based on these rumours or so-called “insider news”, usually the stock price will be trading at the high side or being thrown down from the high side. Or is always before the news & listing new shares, you’ll never get to make a profit from it, because the price will jack up in the morning when the news is published & thrown back down closing lower than the opening price of the day the news is published. Entering before new listed shares will not help you to make more profit, because listing new shares doesn’t indicate the price will move higher. Often your funds will be trapped in those stocks for a very long time before they move higher, it can be 1 - 2 years.



*Positive News Released* Prices moved higher before the news was published. Prices continue to move higher, but retail investors will not enter after the news, because they will think that is too high & rather wait for the price to retrace to their own calculated “intrinsic value”. That’s where the big boys sell the shares to retail investors who park their price at a lower buy order. The big boys will carefully sell their shares & make sure the price doesn't go down too much each day to avoid creating panic among the retail investors.


*Get projects to boost the company revenue* Even with the good news released, the share price moving up gradually at first & falls lower. This is one of the reasons why retail investors always get trapped at the high price & difficult to make consistent profit in the stock market.


Lesson #2 to follow the big boys: Transacted price & volume don’t lie

The only thing we can trust in the financial market is our own analysis & understanding of the transacted price & volume. Imagine, you are monitoring a stock’s transaction data & found the transacted volume increases when the price reaches a low. Then, when you look further into the transaction type at the high-volume price, it shows the buy transaction increases to the same level as the sell transaction. The stock’s price starts to move sideways after it reaches the low and whenever there is selling pressure pressing the price down, there will be demand supporting the price at the same level.


When we spend a little bit more time looking into these transactions in detail, we will know whether the stock price is going to bottom in the short term. Then we can monitor the transaction data again for the entry timing!


All these transaction data are available to everyone on our trading platforms! But most of us don’t know how to make good use of this free data to our own advantage. In fact, this data is able to inform us much faster & more reliably than the news or traditional analysis.


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