4 Must Know To Achieve Consistent Profit in KLSE


Must Know #1 Risk Management = Emotional Management


Risk Management is VERY VERY VERY important. It is like the core of a building, and without proper risk management, your entire trading plan can fall apart.


A good risk management is like a chain, linked to your trading strategy, emotions, and decisions.


A poor risk management can affect your emotions by taking losses and being reluctant to cut them. It will lead traders/investors to make emotional decisions by taking small profits and holding on to big losses. In the long run, the return on investment is always negative.


Risk management will affect your discipline in trading strategy by exposing huge risks to cheaper stocks through holding more positions while entering lesser units for high-value stocks.


This will affect your trading return where your losses in penny stock are bigger than the profit in higher value stocks due to the profit/loss per 1 cent depending on the number of lots you bought.


You will start to question the trading strategy reliability even though you achieve 80% probability in your trade. But your profit is not enough to cover your losses.


Example: 8 trades with a profit of RM100 each = RM800 profit

2 trades with losses of RM500 each = -RM1,000 loss

Total loss = -RM200 loss


Must Know #2 The Pricing Mechanism in the stock market


The stock price fluctuated according to the "expectations" of the big boys. They want the price to go up and it will go up. If they want it to fall, they can dump the stock into the market to cause the price to fall. The fundamentals of a stock are just the second factor or "story" to support the big boys in getting more investors or traders to buy their stocks at high prices.


Many investors in the market do not know how stock market pricing works, including those who have invested or traded in the stock market for many years. Some people may know how pricing works in the stock market, but they don't know how to interpret it.


Many technical analysts in the stock market are able to understand the current market conditions and attempt to estimate future price movements from historical price and volume behaviour.


Their analyses often suffer from estimation errors. The reason is that the understanding of price and volume in technical analysis is distorted. This is why the more you try to learn technical analysis, the more confused you become. This is also why it is difficult for many investors or traders to understand the stock market.


Historical prices and volumes reflect true future price intentions. Every big boy in the stock market needs to accumulate stocks at lower prices in order to sell them at higher prices. However, the technical analysis of all indicators is delivered in the wrong direction, showing only actively traded stocks.


Technical analysis’s chart pattern, resistance line, support line, average price & volume indication are the ideas of big boys accumulating shares on the way up. That’s why resistance & support lines are thought to be the point where the big boys coming back in to mark the price higher.


When you really understand the operations of the big boys, you will find that the explanations of resistance and support lines in the technical analysis we have learned make no sense. Because the big boys profited by selling shares on the way up. That's why you'll find stock prices pull back, and when there aren't enough buyers lining up to buy shares, they'll raise prices again to attract more investors to their shares.


They will stop marking the price up higher when they have sold the majority of their shares & sell their shares out into the market with a gradual price down to avoid creating panic among the retail investors.



This is why you will find the previous resistance line turned into support or the previous low, as support can easily be broken. Because the big boys aren't accumulating stocks on previous highs or lows, they're selling!


Will they accumulate again at the support level? Of course not, and the reason is simple - why buy at a high price when you will sell it down to a lower price? After they and other investors sell everything, then they can accumulate at a lower price later.


In order for retail investors like us to achieve better investment returns from the stock market, we will need to understand how the pricing mechanism works again & stop using the old way to interpret it.


Must Know #3 The upcoming market cycle


When you're able to interpret the big boys' trading data, you'll know when the market is rebounding or crashing before the news and other retail investors who use traditional analysis.


You will be able to notice “abnormal market activity” before the market crash, by seeing many big boys creating pump-n-dump aggressively. The big boys are trying to reduce their position in the market by selling their shares out as much as they can. In order for them to sell their shares, they need buyers & the buyers are always the retail investors. Because the retail investors will not be so informative about the market. Hence, they can attract them to buy their shares by creating “POSITIVE” activity in the stocks such as marking the price up, creating false buying transaction with “changing hand”, right-hand buying from the left hand, left hand buy back from the right hand, or creates one of the retail investors’ favourite trading strategy, resistance/ chart pattern breakout. This is when you start to get confused about why your trading strategy is not working.


Churning price up to attract buyers before a price fall (end of July)


Churning price up to attract buyers before a price fall (end of July)


The advantage of not following the normal crowd in the market, it will help us to achieve better returns than the rest. You will be able to know the market is changing & react accordingly by reducing your position in the stock market & protect your investment from the bear market.


Must Know #4 How to Apply the right method in the right market cycle


Now that you know how the big boys work in the market, you know when prices are going up or down. Your trading will be more diversified, not limited to medium and long-term investment, you can use any trading method that suits the market. For example, reduce the risk of holding overnight in fragile markets through day trading. You can ride in a long or mid-term bull market when the market is recovering and the big boys are back in the market.


Also, you will never have the experience of not having an opportunity in a falling market. You will learn about the trading tools and methods available in the market in order to profit in a down market. Just like we did with index put warrants when the market crashed.


All 4 points above are easy to achieve with proper guidance once we have identified the problem. All we need to do is find the source of the problem. With experience training many investors in the market, we have noticed that most investors who have suffered losses in the stock market have common behaviours and small mistakes that they are unaware of. Identifying mistakes isn't hard, but we're often too distracted by the losses we've suffered at the time to correct them.


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