KLSE Weekly Market P.O.V. (Point Of View)

Join our weekly public webinar on Monday, 8:30 PM – 9:15 PM. Read below for more information.

Date : Every Monday

Time : 8:30 PM – 9:15 PM

Venue : Online, anywhere you want with internet access.

_O2A4019Speaker : Kelvin Yap

One-of-a-kind trading method, Ride with Operator by Kelvin. The method is some call it tape reading method. With the transformation of financial market, retail traders are easier to access into volume and price data which make it easier for everyone to study on the big boys move.

With Kelvin help, you are able to react to the big boys movement instead of being play around by them.
He wasn’t born with special gift to be in the stock market. He been through every failure and losing big money in the market like every retail investors and traders encounter before.

He has been through the trading journey like most of you been there before. He thought of giving up like everyone. He face difficulty through the journey like everyone. One thing set him apart from the rest in the stock market is, he never forget what he had promise himself when he started trading, is to be successful in the stock market. Having equip with this technique gave him half way to success. With the current method he is applying, he isn’t afraid of any changes in the stock market.

He is a great trainer, because he walk the same road as every traders ad investors, he is able to understand every traders and investors difficulty in trading and able to put his experience into courses to help traders to become successful in stock market, by following the big boys.

“A trader’s journey is not easy, it will be much more difficult if you are hitting around like me. If I had a good mentor 10 years ago, I would have saved a lot of time and money wasted in the stock market.” Kelvin Yap, Round & Surge.

And his favorite quote : “True traders react to the market, gambler predict.”

Summary :

This session discuss on Monday stock highlight and some of the potential danger stock needed to be aware of for that trading week.

Market Trend Changes Every Week

The market trend is changing weekly rather than monthly or quarterly compare to the old days. It is important for Malaysian traders & investors to get updated on the weekly market movement.

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