About Us

Malaysia stock market is a unique market, hence it requires a customized trading approach to tackle & swerve. Many existing traders in Malaysia applies a plug-and-play strategy from overseas stock market, but it is not necessarily the best strategy to trade in KLSE. This is due to the difference in local and overseas stock market regulation, as well as the size of the market participants of institutional fund & retail investors. 

“True traders react to the market.” is the backbone of our trading method. Our findings and strategies are developed through years of trading experience and observance of the operating style in Malaysia stock market. 

At Round & Surge, we transfigure from the usual Fundamental Analysis Method. We focus on short to mid term trading which is mainly based on the operator movement, instead of delayed positive announcement made in Bursa Malaysia which typically comes after the price move.

We elevate ourselves from Technical Analysis, analysing further into price & volume to track the operator intention in Malaysia stock market.

With our trading strategies, it will assist you to enhance your entry & exit timing as seamless as possible with the operators.

Conspiracy theory  in Stock Market

“ History repeat itself ”, to be exact Greed & Fear are driving the stock market to repeat the history and the navigator is the stock market operator.

How the operator navigate you with the Price & Volume. They know the market will go into panic selling when the price plunge; They utilize the price hike to attract public to buy the shares.

By knowing the behaviour of investor and traders, they are able to buy stocks by triggering your Fear and distribute stock by stimulating the Greed in you.

Many people know the existence of stock market operator, but not many know how to follow them to achieve their ultimate goal in the stock market.