Operator Analysis Training Course : Monthly Subscriptions FAQ


What will I get during the subscription period?

  • Received Daily Stock Sharing from our Telegram Channel. *Proven*
    R&S Trading Fund Performance Comparison

  • Attend to our Risk Management Online Class


What do I get after Subscriptions term?

  • Subscriber will gained full access to our training program once the last payment of the contract is made.

  • Includes the service mentioned below :

    • Online Training Class (LIVES) x 3 times

    • Revision video recording

    • Weekly Tutorial Class

    • Whatsapp Support for Revision

    • 6 months of SI Station Software with live charts & Round & Surge Operator scanner built in. (Renewal fees RM 1,570 per year)

    • 1 month of Pre-Open Market Day Trading Course.


Can I attend the full course?

  • No, you are only entitle to attend the full course when the balance are clear.


If I decide to pay full amount after 3 months, do I get any discount?

  • If you decided to pay full within the 3 months grace period, you will only need to pay a total of RM 3,888 including the 3 months subscriptions.


Can I unsubscribe after few months?

  • Yes. However, the subscriptions are not refundable.


Can I stop the subscriptions for few months and continue the subscriptions later?

  • Yes. However, there will be a grace period of 3 months only. After 3 months, the subscription will be terminate.


Can the subscriptions transfer to other?

  • No. Is not transferable.

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