Operator Analysis Class

Course Content

In this course you will learned the mindset of the stock

Operator icon vacum
How operator accumulate shares
Understanding this, you will be able to be the first to look for stocks that are in the mid of accumulation by the operator.

How operator play with retail traders and investors fear and greed for their advantage.

Often retail investors and traders action are influence by operator. However, very few of us notice this. Dive deeper with us to see how your actions in the stock market are indirectly influence by the big boys.

MoneyHow operator distribute shares to investors and traders in the market.

Retail investors and traders are often trapped in operator stocks without knowing. It is the key to reduce your trading risk by knowing how and when they are distributing.

You will learn how to enter and exit together with Operatorfollow.
*this helps you to reduce the risk of getting trap into fake price hike, and avoid shake off by operator when price is pushing up.*

Swing_contra.pngThere will be 3 strategies for short term trading ( hold 1 day to 2 weeks ) and mid term swing  trade with operator ( up to 6  months)
All of the above strategies above are derive from operator common manipulation activity.

PracticePRACTICE, there will be a lot of practice during the class to make sure everyone knows how to identify operator intention.

After attending this course you will equip with the knowledge on how the operator push and distribute stocks and apply into the market with better entry and exit timing then normal TA or FA technique.

Class Package Information

  •  3 Times Training Class : With the choice of Weekdays or Weekend class.

Weekdays : Tuesday & Thursday, 8:30pm to 10:30pm

Weekend : Saturday, 1:30PM to 6:30PM

*Refer to the calendar below for more info on or class date.

  • Access to online training class recording

  • Weekly, Monday Trading hour tutorial class.

    • 3:30pm to 4:00pm
  • Whatsapp support

  • 6 months SI Station by ShareInvestors with our specially developed Apple Tree & Bounce & Surge screener built-in. (yearly renewal RM 1,664.20)


  • 1 month Pre-Open market trading

    • This method is day trading method, we select stocks that will go up before market open [starting from 8:40pm]. We will enter a stocks before market open. Once market open, the stocks we select will have high possibility to push up.

    • Trading duration for 1 stocks is within 10mins from market open.