Round & Surge KLSE Weekly Market P O V Point Of View | GKENT 3204 |


  • GKENT 3204


DANGER Stock ( watch our Video on YouTube to find out more why)

  • GKENT 3204
  • RANHILL 5272
  • SANBUMI 9113


*SPEAKER STOCKS POV* (for Short-term trading only, time period 1 week)

  • NiL


Mid Term (Our mid term stocks sharing are not for immediate entry, follow us on social media to get update on the best entry. ) NOT READY



Intraday Short Selling Stock List

  • Nil

Kindly Take Note : Short selling is for today sell today must buy back, no overnight holding. You are require to understand the short selling requirement with your respective broker before committed into short selling. Traders should take full responsible for any losses incur.


*Market Outlook : STAY ASIDE, BEWARE of Deadcat Bounce


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Time : 8:30PM – 9:15PM, Every Monday

Ask our speaker will comment about your stocks performance in short term and Malaysia stock market movement!

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DISCLAIMER : All stocks share here are based on the speaker’s point of view. It does not constitute an offer to buy or sell stocks.Viewers are responsible on their own trading decisions. All stocks share here are based on short term outlook of the stocks, it is not suitable to based on above stocks list for long term reference.

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Last but not least, we would like to remind everyone that you can use structured warrant to hedge your position. If you know how, all financial instrument is your tools to make profit and hedge your position when market is bad.

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