Round & Surge KLSE Weekly Market P O V Point Of View | AIRASIA 5099 |


  • AIRASIA 5099

5099.MY 272018

AIRASIA does show some sign of pushing the price up higher. However, it will be a very short push up due to the price and volume movement today doesn’t show significant push up for long term. Instead, from our point of view it shows that they are building up volume and price to attract buyers in. Traders need to trade with care by not getting trap in a pump and dump.


DANGER Stock ( watch our Video on YouTube to find out more why)

  • VERSATL 4995

4995.MY 2708

VERSATL is showing sign of pump & dump with volume pump up in the morning to attract buyers but while at the end of the day, it shows that there are some selling pressure to the retail traders and investors who park at a lower buy queue.

  • FPGROUP 5277

5277.MY 2708

FPGROUP showing same sign of pump and dump during the day. With price pump up and throw down to retailers who park their shares at lower buy queue for distribution. Alert all traders be careful in trading.

  • VS 6963

6963.MY 2718

VS has been a very well known stocks by many investors. Beginning of this year the price drop from RM 2.61 down to today price RM 1.61. Many investors have their fund stuck in this stock. If you are thinking of averaging down, it is not right to do so. From our point of view, they do not have much intention to push higher anymore.


*SPEAKER STOCKS POV* (for Short-term trading only, time period 1 week)

  • N/A


Mid Term (Our mid term stocks sharing are not for immediate entry, follow us on social media to get update on the best entry. )

  • HANDAL * (Final Push up Soon)


Intraday Short Selling Stock List

  • VS 6963

Kindly Take Note : Short selling is for today sell today must buy back, no overnight holding. You are require to understand the short selling requirement with your respective broker before committed into short selling. Traders should take full responsible for any losses incur.


*Market Outlook : Stay Aside, not recommend for average down for long term. Watch our video to find out more about the point of view commentary *

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May 2018 RnS trading performance



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