Round & Surge KLSE Weekly Market P O V Point Of View | MI 5286 |


  • MI 5286

MI 25062018

From our operator analysis shows that MI have intention to push a little bit higher, but it will not sustained at the high side in the next trading, because the big boys are throwing out their shares gradually with small amount. If tomorrow more buyers starts to come into this stock, more throwing activity will be done by the big boys. In our point of view, MI will not sustain at the high side tomorrow, it will close lower in the afternoon. So traders have to alert of this.


DANGER Stock ( watch our Video on YouTube to find out more why)

  • T7GLOBAL 7228

T7GLOBAL 25062018

T7GLOBAL is in our danger list due to the high volume attract buyers in the morning with price up. Some might see it as a bullish sign and shake the buyer off by throwing the price down. In our point of view, it is an action of attract buyers in for distribution. This is the reason why we list it as a danger stocks.

  • SALUTE 0183

SALUTE 25082018

SALUTE will push higher tomorrow morning for distribution, due to the big buy queue at 0.605 and 0.6. This is a common move set by big boys to trap retail traders and investors who thought this is the support level, to build the confident of the retailers to park their order above these 2 level thinking they are entering above the support. Always remember buy sell queue is just an order, the order can be cancel anytime.

  • INARI 0166

INARI 25062018 min

INARI shows huge buy percentage today (70.4%). However, when we look into details, the buy volume are mainly derive from small lots at the same price. If such buy percentage is genuine, the price should move higher instead of staying at the same level.

This move shows that they are attracting buyers by creating huge buying percentage and seems like many buyers. So traders and investors need to be careful of this counter.


*SPEAKER STOCKS POV* (for Short-term trading only, time period 1 week)

  • N/A


Mid Term (Our mid term stocks sharing are not for immediate entry, follow us on social media to get update on the best entry. )

  • HANDAL * (Final Push up Soon)


Intraday Short Selling Stock List

  • SAPNRG 5218

Kindly Take Note : Short selling is for today sell today must buy back, no overnight holding. You are require to understand the short selling requirement with your respective broker before committed into short selling. Traders should take full responsible for any losses incur.


*Market Outlook : Stay Aside, not recommend for average down for long term. Watch our video to find out more about the point of view commentary *

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