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  • FPGROUP 5277


From our operator analysis shows that FPGROUP has no intention to push the price up higher. If you look at the daily chart you will see the price actually move up higher supported with higher volume, which for many analyst out there might think is still bullish.

5277.MY daily chart

But from our Operator Analysis we find that the price movement today is show us more of attracting buyers with price push up with volume in the morning session from 9 am to 10 45 am. This is one of the way the big boys create volume in the morning with price up to attract traders and investors with hope and greed that the price will go higher and create the urge for the retailers to buy FPGROUP because they have missed the chance yesterday and the morning session. If you look at the price movement after 11 am, it starts to move sideways with consistent volume in but price don’t move up much. These volume is to create the fake signal to retail traders and investors think there are many buyers coming in.


In conclusion, FPGROUP have no intention to push the price up higher. Therefore, it is one of the danger stocks.

DANGER Stock ( watch our Video on YouTube to find out more why)

  • FPGROUP 5277
  • IRIS 0010

IRIS 18062018

IRIS is one of our danger stocks is because the gap up today seems like just to attract buyers in, from the volume came in was mainly in the morning and the buy sell queue shows that at 0.155 has a huge lot which is sending out false signal to many traders and investors will think 0.155 is the support level. With 0.160 has a huge lot parking is to mislead retail traders and investors that this is the resistance.

Based on this setup, we can expect to see IRIS to move the price slightly higher in the morning but it will close at the high side at the end of the day. Because their intention is to attract buyers in, by breaking the “RESISTANCE” at 0.160, so the buyer will start to jump in together and this is how they start to distribute their shares and sell down at the end of the day to those retailers who park at the lower buy queue because retail traders and investors always have the mindset that want to buy stock at a lower price.

  • PTRANS 0186

0186.MY 5 mins

From PTRANS 5 mins chart there are many huge volume while the price moves sideways after it got push up in the morning. Have you ever ask, “Why with all the high volume in but the price can’t push higher?”. The answer is very simple, fake buying volume or sell down volume to retailers who park at lower buy price but still maintain at the same level. So what it means is that, they have no intention to push the price up higher anymore. So stay aside.

0186.MY daily

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*Market Outlook : Stay Aside, not recommend for average down for long term. Watch our video to find out more about the point of view commentary *

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