How We Know MEDIAC 5090 Will Going Down

Once again with our operator analysis our followers are able to avoid getting stuck in a money losing trade again.

As we have mentioned on Monday during KLSE Market POV. MEDIAC was the hot stock of that day, created huge volume with price up and technical entry, flag breakout.

However, from our analysis following operator with price and volume movement in the 5 mins chart. We see this counter creates volume and price hike to attract traders in the next day.

Furthermore, from the price movement on Monday tells us that the price will not maintained at the high side / close at high. On Tuesday the price has been dropping until Friday.

The other stocks listed as danger also attracting buyers and price was down until Friday too. Counter listed such as BRAHIMS, KSTAR, & HIBISCS.

This is the advantage of knowing the operator movement and get yourself out before the huge throw down in price by them. 2 advantages by knowing their movement :

1. Avoid getting trap in a retrace counter and hold on to losing trade.
2. Move in at the right timing together with the big boys. Making profit together with them.
To see the previous coverage of our analysis on MEDIAC last Monday, watch our recording posted in our YouTube channel:

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This blog is for sharing our point of view about the market movement and stocks only. It is not and advice or recommendation to buy or sell financial instrument. Viewers and readers are responsible on your own trading decision. The author of this blog are not liable for any losses incur by any investment or trading.

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