List of big hit stocks for the next few months

We apologize in advance. Sorry, there is no big hit stocks every month. You may close this blog and continue to search for someone to give you a big hit stocks or you can stay and finish this blog to find the success in trading.

People always look at the good side of everyone. They always see things like so easy including stock trading.

Famous traders and investors like Jesse Livermore, George Soros, Warren Buffet & other traders who are claim to be successful by many people in the market.

Do they achieve for success Overnight? The answer is no. They spend tremendous hour focus in analyzing their trades and investment. Many people only see their success because any books or information you get in public are those about the success they made instead of the mistakes they made. Because no one like to see others mistake or even take it serious about their mistake but focus only on their success. But do they know how much losses they have made in the past to achieve the success today?

I myself encounter a friend who came to me and say : ” wow, trading seems so easy, I see all the profit you have posted and the transaction you have done with just few days you are able to take the profit and able to generate tremendous profit of 45.69% in 1 year! I think I should quit my job and become a full time trader. ”

Do you know how much time and money I have spent before I come to this stage? I started trading since I was 19. It take me almost 10 years to find the right way ( that is because I don’t have a mentor to guide me. Everything I learn from the market in the past is by experience, book & from the internet.)

When everyone is blaming the market is bad and not doing anything to their losses, I was looking into every single stocks chart to find the right way to trade.

When everyone is waiting for analyst or their trainer to give them tips on the stocks. I look through the whole KLSE stocks, 1000s of it to study the big boys movement that show the intention to push higher and how they move their shares around to attract buyers in to sell their shares.

When everyone are forecasting the future of the stocks, i look into the past of those stocks has move up tremendous in the last 1 year to study how they accumulate the shares.

I spend more than 10,000 hours to study and learn from the experience on finding out how the big boys work in the stock market. Every failure I made, every losses I cut, I make it as a lesson to learn.

I did not lose money in the stock market, because I learn something everyday from the losses I cut. You lose money is because you don’t learn from the mistakes.
No one will know care about the hard time we been through, many dont even bother to listen. Only those who been through the same path will understand the suffer behind every success.

The quote that I always tell myself, “trading is not easy, but make it simple.”

Ain’t easy to control your fear and greed.

Is ain’t easy to stay discipline to your trading rules.

Is ain’t easy to get distracted by others opinion.

But make it simple in your trading rules, follow the big boys.


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This blog is for sharing our point of view about the market movement and stocks only. It is not and advice or recommendation to buy or sell financial instrument. Viewers and readers are responsible on your own trading decision. The author of this blog are not liable for any losses incur by any investment or trading.

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