How to start trading

The most common question many will ask before they start trading.

“What stock to buy?”

Without any knowledge of the stocks in financial and technical is always difficult for them to choose a stock to buy.

The only channel for new traders to choose a stock to buy is by listening from third parties like their friends or dealer to buy stocks.

But often they don’t know where to exit or often being ask to hold for loooooooong term even the market drop bottomless and got burned by few times after following rumours and tips.

As a trader, we are not looking for something that hold for long term. We want something that can roll our portfolio bigger from time to time and become our additional income stream.

After many years of experience in trading, we find following the right way in the market is important. We have tried the traditional technical analysis, indicators, drawing resistance and support line on the chart and fundamental analysis it doesnt really work well enough for you to create an additional income stream for traders.

The reason is simple, indicators are always late on confirmation. Resistance breakout and support rebound often fail and lead to cut loss. Reacting to news is often late too, because when the news are publish. Most of the time the insider will start to dump stocks to the public who follow news.

Traders are often set in the position where they have no control or well inform to the market changes. Example you set a take profit target and cut loss point, if the price start to turn south, traders can only wait and hope that it doesn’t hit the cut loss. Most traders can’t react to the changes to identify that the stock is not moving up anymore and continue to hold on losses.

The above analysis doesn’t give traders a clear fact that price is not going in your desire direction. All it does is wait and hope. This leads to gambling and many will still say is not, because they study everything so is not gambling. Which we think is just an excuse for “trader” to reason out. Some gambler will study the probability of the game and bet on it too? So can we say they are not gambling?

As long as you hope, that is gambling.

A true traders knows how to follow the big boys, that is the game rule in the stock market. If you understand how to see their price action and you will know whether the price will go up or down.

You may look at some of our videos in our Youtube channel, Round & Surge. You will find that we can track the big boys whether they will throw the price down the next day or get ready to move higher.

For those who wants to start trading, but don’t know where to start? Contact us now for account opening and consider our stock alert and training courses package.

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