Are You An A+ Trader?

Trading in the stock market is like answering in exam. All you need to know is the core of the question and no matter how the question structure change, you will still able to answer it.

For example : how do you know the operator have no intention to push the price up?

Very simple, when you see the price is not able to push up n unable to maintained at the high side then you will know there are selling pressure and the price will fall.

This is because when there are selling pressure in a stock, usually is sell by the operator to the retailer who jump in because of previous price up.

So at this stage here they will sell it down to the buyer who queue at the buy queue. Why do they do this? Because operator don’t take profit at the top, they take profit when the price is on the way up, so they can distribute the huge amount of shares they have in hand. If they want to sell at the top, there won’t be enough buyer to absorb their shares.

Then how do you know the operator will push the price up?

When they see buyer is getting less in the market, then they will start to push the price higher to attract more buyer. So when you see selling pressure is getting weak ( identify by the Price fluctuation and volume ), the first price & volume comes in after low fluctuation in price is telling us that operator is getting ready to push higher to attract buyer to come in.

The concept is very simple, now all you need to do is to know in what kind of price and volume movement that tells you the operator not pushing the price up and when are they going to push the price up again.

To see This, you are require to have experience in monitoring everyday price and volume action. This could take up years to find out.

But you are lucky to read this article today. Because we have been looking into this for 10 years and we have everything written down in a set of strategy.

So instead of spending 10 years like us. Right now you just need to spend around 3 to 6 months to master this. We have shorten your trading success tremendously by mentoring you everyday in our tutorial class, showing you live examples, continuous practice together.

So fast track your learning now and reach your trading goal in the shortest time with us.

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