KLSE Operator Analysis Trading Result 20/4/2017 to 24/7/2017

Round & Surge Operator Analysis trading result updates

Up to date :
Realized Return On Trading = RM 11,164.14
Realized Return On Trading % = 22.33%

In the beginning of July we are able to maximize our trading result to generate RM 2,500.24 profit.

Even though during the second half of the month affected by the overall market operators are attracting buyers, we are able to limit our losses to RM 592.08 only!

With such an unstable month, we are still able to generate positive return. This further prove that operator analysis able to help us to reduce the risk and maximize our trading profit.

Click here to contact us for more information on our next Operator Analysis Class Intake.


Operator Analysis Trading Result 200417 to 240717

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