What trading strategies to use in Bursa Malaysia?

 No Best, No Perfect, Just self-control

Many Malaysian stock market investor or traders are searching for the “BEST” or the “PERFECT” trading strategies to earn big cash from Malaysia stock market.Let’s face the reality, there are no “PERFECT” or “BEST” trading strategies for the stock market.

Don’t blame the strategies, Blame 

Many traders tried many trading strategies in the market but end up fail to make money, and they will start to blame the strategies fault. In fact, the thing that went wrong is not the strategies but the traders or investors.

Strategies are fixed to a certain market trend, but the stock market trend is always changing and now it changes every week.


The solution is to follow the stock market wolves. Many of us knows that our market is very small and is controlled by the “Wolves”.

When you know how to follow the wolf and you will trade everything based on facts. It will helps you to move in and out of the market by observing their movement.

This provides more facts to support your entry and exit.

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